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A place where some bicycles come to rest

Jack's Bicycles A place where some bicycles come to rest

A place where some bicycles come to rest

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This one is on loan to us from a good customer. This is almost a completely new old stock 1979 Redline pro-line
This 1980 Schwinn Sting carries all its original parts. This bike was considered way ahead of it time for 1980. For many reason Fillet brazed frame, long top tube and short rear end are just a few reasons
The 1980 Rampar R10 this bike was responsible for getting a lot of kids introduced to the world of BMX. At $119.00 it was inexpensive compared to most of the bikes from that time period.
1950s Schwinn Hornet This bike is completely original and like all of our bikes fully ride able.
This one is really nice it arrived with a twin late last fall These two bikes spent there life in Northern Michigan. As the pictures tell they look like they have been taken well care of!
The twin! or better half depending on how you look at it.


domed rear taillight
Love the dashboard !
1979 Raleigh Ti team bike. this bike was restored many years ago by Rob, the original Campagnolo group was replaced with a Shimano 600. Interesting thing about this bike is even though its over 30 years old Rob rode it all summer one year and loved every second of it.

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