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Jack’s FAQs

Jack's Bicycles Jack’s FAQs

Jack’s FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you buy bikes?
NO, we do not. Your easiest way to sell a used bicycle, would be the various social media platforms, such as Facebook Market place or Craigslist

2. Are there two types of inner tube valves?
YES, Schrader valves, or American valves, are standard valves, similar to what you have on your car tires. Presta valves, sometimes called French valves, allow for higher air pressure, but require a specialized inflation device. Adapters are also available.

3. $500 still seems like a lot when I can get the same thing for $200 at a discount store.
You’re not really getting the same thing. Granted, they may look similar but the overall quality of such a bike, not to mention the quality of the assembly, is much lower than what you will find at our shop, or any bike shop. More importantly, such bikes can have serious safety issues and often come in one-size-fits-all models.

4. What is your turn around for most repairs?
Usually, we run 1 to 2 days, some can be done right while you wait, but some require a special order and can take up to a week if not longer.

5. Do you sell used bikes?
No but from time to time we may have a small selection of used bikes, these are usually repair bicycles that have been surrendered to us after the owners have never returned, call for availability

6. Do you sell motor scooters?
NO, But we now offer a complete line of pedal assist bicycles

7. Do you have gift certificates?
YES, we offer gift certificates in a number of denominations.

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